Postponing the freakout

One week until Werewolves is due to Amazon, and yes, I’m trying to stay calm.


So far, I’m succeeding. Truthfully, the story is in really good shape. All I’m doing is clarifying. A word here, a phrase there. I was lucky to have a new reader pick it up,  and through it a few weeks back, so I know it’s new reader friendly as well. And the inevitable comma spam…

Though there is a bit of weirdness for me, since I now have the last series written as well. I have go back into that time and keep certain things under wraps, or hint at them in subtle ways. Which is fun, but weird, because mentally, that issue has been taken care of.

But my slow period is coming upon me. After March 5th, I’ll be hawking the Omnibus for March, April, and May. And no new stories until June. Unless you’re signed up for the newsletter.


But for now, I need to reread the big fight scene and double check my commas…

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