Maintenance Week

Werewolves is turned in and as clean as I can get it.


And because I was feeling ambitious I also turned in the Omnibus Edition of Monsters of Pittsburgh


And so starts Maintenance Week. Every three or four months, I have work to do for the publishing side of the business, whether it’s making banners for social media, doing another spell check on my work (cause there’s always another typo to catch *sigh*), or making templates for the newsletter, I have things to do regarding my books that have little to do with actual writing.

Will I still be writing… probably, but my focus will getting my house in order before I do the big two month push for the Omnibus Edition.

So yes, Monsters of Pittsburgh wraps up eight days. Up next, our favorite teen doctor gets a little time in the spotlight.

Okay, sorry, couldn’t help myself, but no it’s Jeff from Uncommon Animals and Monsters of Pittsburgh. Yes, he has a trilogy, look for it this June.


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