So my next task on my maintenance checklist was creating social media banners for Hedge Doctor. It’s a stupid thing, made harder by the fact that all social media has different sized banners, cover photos, whatever.

Sorry, I love this story, and I’m super proud of this cover!

I sat down, opened my Powerpoint (which, yes, is where I put together my book covers, though I use different programs to make the various pieces.), and then did anything but make those damned banners.

Hell, I wrote 500 words and critiqued a few chapters for friends, which did feel nice.


Making those banners isn’t hard, but it is tedious. Which is partly why I wanted to do get it done and out of the way. And I still plan on getting it done today. It may be much, much later than I planned, but I’ll have something mocked up before I go to bed.

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