You ever feel like one of your characters?

I usually don’t. But right now, I’m having a Dean Stanton thought.

I didn’t intend for Dean to look like Shemar Moore… it just sort of happened….

When did 33 degrees become relative warmth? Because after the last few weeks, today feels downright balmy. I am actually thankful for this weather.

*shakes my head*

But on the writing front. I’m plugging away on half a dozen projects as usual. I have another Chelsea story to finish, Hedge Doctor to clean up, Last Call to edit, Red Witch to draft, and several of my friends’ books to critique.

And strangely, I don’t feel overwhelmed. Monsters of Pittsburgh is formatted and already sent into Amazon. Red Witch is more a side project. Something I’m working on to clean my head. I’m a few Chelsea stories ahead, so that’s pretty much just fun. Last Call is so far in the future that I can’t even stress it… yet.

Hedge Doctor… now, I do have some worries about Hedge Doctor, but I also have a few months to deal with them. My crack team of betas and critiquers have been notified about my concerns. I’ll be getting word back later this week.

So until then, I just need to keep my nose in other’s peoples’ work and stay ahead of schedule.

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