A happy, busy, beaver

My erotica writer friends, please PM me the puns and snark. I look forward to them.

But yes, I’m never happier than when I’m writing on a deadline. I have six weeks worth of scripts for the comic drafted. The artist and I will be refining them on Friday. After that, it’s two scripts every Sunday.

I have my next Chelsea Childling story done for the newsletter.


Publishing Day is April 4th for Monsters of Pittsburgh: Omnibus Edition. That’s been turned into Amazon for preorder since I turned in Werewolves.


Now I have to turn my attention back to Hedge Doctor.


Though, I’m pretty sure I fixed the first one, Prom. However,  the next two had similar issues. I need to buckle down and get them straightened out. June is not that far away, however much, it feels today. If I’m not happy with the three of them by the end of the week, I’m going to have to think about pushing back the publishing date. I was planning on releasing it close to or on the same day as the web comic premiered. Time will tell if that’s still feasible.

But yes, I’m busy. I like being busy.

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