Remember how at the beginning of the week, I was all I love being busy! I have soooo much to do!

Well, I do love being busy, but I just couldn’t seem to get my act together. I got all the scripts done for the comic, but after that… well… *shrugs*

It took me a day or so to figure it out. I completed Monsters of Pittsburgh, it’s done, buh-bye!

And I have the last series roughed out.

So to my brain, why am I fighting to keep working? Isn’t everything done? Add to that some issues I was having with Hedge Doctor… and yeah, I mentally checked out. Like a high school senior in May, I was over this whole working thing.

And I should have known it was coming. I did that same thing when Uncommon Animals wrapped up. 

So today, I need to get my butt in gear. I have to hit my friends back on critiques. I have to get May’s Chelsea Childling story drafted. I have to read Hedge Doctor out loud to my husband.

I have stuff to do, and saying, “but I’ve been working so hard” doesn’t get it done.

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