This is bad

So there’s something up with WordPress today (formatting on the input page is different or off or something), and I was so excited.

Yay! I get out of writing my blog.

Why? Because once again, no topic. I’m just doing what I do. Read, write, edit, repeat… until my head melts.

And I’m, once again, acutely aware that I’m falling behind on reading my friends’ work. That’s partially due to the “critique site that shall not be named”. I love my friends and their stories, but logging on to that site has become soul numbingly horrible for me for a variety of reasons.

However, they still need input and I will get back to helping them… on Monday. Today is glorious and sunny and I want to enjoy it. I was too cold for too long.

But in good news, the artist of the upcoming web comic and I have a skype session planned for tomorrow. I’ll get to see some artwork! And that I am very, very excited about.

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