Cold, wet, St. Patrick’s Day

Thanks to the cold rain today, I kind of feel like this guy is gnawing on my knees.

But good news, with walking being painful, I’ve been critiquing again. So yay, I feel less like a taker than I have been on that front.

Writing wise, I’ve been working on comic scripts and dossiers for my artist, Ms Ashley.

Today, though, I busted out the Red Witch, as I had a number of critiques piled up there. It felt good to read, as it has before. I really have missed that cast, and getting the message that a reader was intrigued by the characters was wonderful.

Yes, I crave praise. Sue me.

Now that I’ve applied the corrections and suggestions, it’s time to read some of my friends’ work. I’m not moving one step more than I have to today.

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