Keeping busy

As always, am I right?

But tomorrow my flash series, Chelsea Childling, Newbie Monster Hunter, releases the next installment.


I love my Chelsea stuff for two reasons: 1. It gives me something to send out with my newsletter. And 2: it keeps my short story skills sharp.

I’m moving away from shorts and novellas and back to novels. And novels are a whole ‘nother monster.

Slaying…. writing…. same difference

I loved learning to write small. Now I have to relearn how to write big. My novellas and shorts I had months, at best, to work with. Novels take years.  At least the way I write them.

And then there will be the inevitable editing.

Will my novels ever see the light of day? Yes, inevitably. But I’ll need to pay someone to clean them up. The first one especially. I tried, but I’m not a grammar geek, I’m a story teller.

But all that aside, my Chelsea stories are great escape for me. Small scenes, short stories, and big characters. A mental sorbet after plotting out HUGE sprawling epics, and my even bigger novels.

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