Red Heads

Almost forgot to write my blog post today.

Sorry guys!

I’ve been getting writing done, and my brain was all “WRITE IT! WRITE THE RED WITCH NOW!”

What actually reminded me was the fact that I was writing yet another red haired character, and chuckling to myself.

I have this thing about red heads. Mainly, I have trouble remember that they are supposed to be rare.

See I had two red haired Grandmothers. Two of my seven uncles are red heads. Several of my truly numerous cousins are red heads. I have more than few friends who have red hair, and some of them have redhaired babies

Put me in the sun, and my hair streaks red, so does my daughter’s.

I grew up with gingers. They don’t seem any more rare than blondes to me… in fact, I’d say that natural blondes are more rare in my world than redheads.

Nope, nothing out of the ordinary here!

The consequence to this is that my writing has an, apparently, high number of gingers. Like people have commented on it.

So here I am, picking away at the Red Witch, and describing somebody’s red hair. And giggling to myself.

“I should write a blog post about this… CRAP! My blog post!”

So there you are. Blog post for today. I like red hair. Deal with it.

Back to my writing.

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