Guest Blog: Happy to Help a Friend

My guest post for Happy Authors Guild

Happy Authors Guild

When DL asked for a guest blogger, I jumped up, waving my hand, metaphorically.

Me! Pick me!


Because of Romance, and supporting other writers.  I always lend a hand to my friends who write romance and erotica. And I have more than a few who do.

For one thing, they get worse questions than Urban Fantastists. People may ask me where I come up with my monsters, but I don’t get the ‘whys’.

Why do you write about sex?

Why do you write about romance?

I always want some of them to say, why the hell not?

My pride in my friend’s work aside, I’m not sure why writing romance is a bad thing. I do it. Sure, my sex scenes fade to black, and more than once Mina has put her burning sexual tension on hold to kill a vampire or two, but I know damn good…

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