Matching styles

I’m starting to feel sorry for my critiquers, because my novel is a touch… bipolar. At this point, I’m really frankensteining the thing.

There’s a lot of cutting and pasting bits of chapters, and then dashing off 100 or so words to tie it all together.

Which is fairly normal for the third draft.

The real problem is my style of writing. One of the issues people had with the original novel was the concept of Urban Fantasy (werewolves, witches, vampires, wizards) written as High Fantasy and using those tropes.

I took some time off because I began to believe the hate, and needed some perspective. I’m back at it, now, after two years of writing fast paced novellas and shorts in a strict, minimalist modern style.

And I’m having a little trouble with going back to the old, High Fantasy, wordiness. I guess because it feels like wordiness now.

And, oh my goddess, I had all but stricken the word ‘said’ from my writing, and now IT’S BACK!

I can’t decide whether to keep it, or get rid of it.

On the one hand, it makes it a little easier for people to follow the conversation. I don’t have to tag every piece of dialogue with an action. And since I have a HUGE cast this is helpful.

On the other, hand I feel like it slows down what it suppose to be snappy dialogue… the whole reason I exorcised it in the first place.

Not to mention, having to get back into description. It’s not as if my novellas and whatnot are devoid of it, but High Fantasy puts a premium on description. I feel like I’m working atrophied muscles here.

And then when I have to switch between Edie and Mina… because I am still editing the last Werewolves in Pittsburgh series… Edie is someone who is always, always in control. Mina… not so much.

I guess I should be lucky it’s only my work that’s feels like it has multiple personalities.

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