Slow it down

For once, I’m not talking about my brain.

Although at the same time, I kinda am.

I touched on this a little bit yesterday, how switching from my short story mindset to Epic Novel was tough. 

Yesterday afternoon, I figured why.

I’ve been slowly but surely whittling down my backlog for my writing critique groups. And I finally, finally got to a friend’s work. He’s going an Epic Fantasy with all the trimming. This is my shit.

 I get to the second chapter, and Hex has this note: This chapter is supposed  to be slow.  And as I read this, I got a critique on my first chapter that said the whole thing felt like I was rushing to the end.
It was like lightning hit my brain.
My real problem wasn’t how ‘wordy’ my old style was. It’s how slow my style was.
See, short fiction is fast. That’s kind of the point. I remember when I got into trying my hand at it, I asked a friend who I still feel puts my work to shame. Her advice: You have to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Don’t talk about what can be assumed, and only give information that is vital to the plot.
However, High Fantasy and Epics are a different beast, with different needs. You’re expected to take your time. The audience wants the details, they want to stroll through your world. They want the time to smell the roses and watch the sunset.
I’m not too worried about it. For one thing, I still need to get the plot figured out. For another, I don’t plan on publishing any time soon. I have lots of time to get this right.
But figuring out the real problem goes miles towards solving it.

2 thoughts on “Slow it down

  1. I have to tell you again that I’m just thrilled to have shed some light on the problems you were having with your novel! You’re very right, shorts and epics are completely different mediums and use completely different tools. Crisscrossing them is like trying to sculpt with a palette knife; you might be able to do it, but there are definitely smoother ways to accomplish the same thing.

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