My darling Marley

And not the one you are thinking of.

Although he is named after the Mr. Bob Marley in universe.

I haven’t gushed about Marley on this blog, though I have on the old Tumblr one. But a friend picked up The Haven yesterday (okay asked to read it and I loosened my hold on my baby and let him), and he’s been raving about Marley.

Which tickles me to be honest. Marley is my favorite character. I just love writing him. He’s snarky, like Matty, but without the bitter edge. He’s calculating like Mina, but lacks her temper. He’s nice like Rick, but he’s not a pushover.

When I wrote The Haven, I had a very clear goal in mind, combining Urban Fantasy with High Fantasy, and Marley is my bard.  The wandering minstrel whose sharp wit you should fear.

By the gods, I love this movie…

Since this is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, he carries a guitar and runs cons, but he’s still the source of moral and humor, as well as the reader avatar.

And he’s so, so, pretty!

The best part of picking up my novels again, is getting to write Marley.

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