It’s almost April. Monsters of Pittsburgh: Omnibus comes out in ten days.


And Hedge Doctor: Prom comes out in June.


Now the Omnibus, of course, takes care of itself. Those stories are done.

But Hedge Doctor needs a proofreading, and the other two stories in the series need a little work still. Nothing major, just a scene or two to round them out.

So I need to put my novels down and focus.  I took some time off, and it was nice, but now I have to get on the advertising train again, and get back to work.

I also have to start whipping Last Call into shape. I haven’t finalized the covers yet, not to mention my plot issues.

And all of this on top of the web comic, and another project some friends and I have brewing.

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June 2nd, ya’ll!

I love being busy, and it’s time to get busy again.

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