April is almost upon us

One of my writing groups put out a call for an April NaNoWriMo/NaNoEdMo. It’s more a group “Put Down Your Goals Here and We’ll Hold You Accountable”, but whatever they want to call it, I’m in!

I agreed to fifty hours of editing for Last Call this month. I have my old excel sheet to keep track. I’ll have to dust it off and set it up for April. I did work on the covers last week. I think I’m going to force myself to pick one, perfect it, and stop messing around.

On my other projects. I still haven’t finished that one last scene for Hedge Doctor: Graduation.


But it’s a fight scene, and those are always a pain. I’ll have it done by April 1st, so I can focus on Last Call.

The web comic… is actually chugging along.

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I’m getting the hang of script writing, and we actually have six weeks of roughs, so we’re right on schedule for the June 2nd start date. I have to start writing two scripts a week. But really, they’re not an issues. The story is already written. I’m just adapting what I have.

And as for Chelsea Childling


I’m a few months ahead with her stories, now, and feel much less stressed about them overall.

I’m also getting caught up on my crits for friends and writing partners, which feels super-d-duper. I hate feeling like I’m a taker.

So, yeah, I’m busy, in all the best ways.

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