Editing time

So before I get into editing, the blog hop yesterday, one of the participants set her blog up for 10 PM instead of 10 AM. So I want to tell ya’ll to hit up The Way of the Blog and find out about the mysterious La Shaliyah.

Me though, I’m editing… well, I’m not. I went through the entirety of Last Call in about 10 hours (out of the 50 I signed up for), and now I need fresh eyes on it. I changed some little things, and clarified other things. Some scenes I think I’ll have to cut eventually, but I might have saved. I won’t know until people who aren’t me have read it.

I put out the call and hopefully will have word back in a few days.

It’s a lot like that… but more typing.

Which brings me to my next problem: I have friends who write, but most of them have jobs and lives. And not many of them can read like I do.

..seriously, I’m not joking. I read fast.

They also don’t have the time to spend reading over my stuff when I finish a round of editing, because  I can and do put in 30-40 hours of editing a month (or a week, depending on how much sleep I get).

This is where I get that feeling that my friends don’t actually like my stuff. I read their novel in a day, add notes about stuff I think needs clarification, point out continuity errors, talk to them about the things they were insecure about, and then… wait two weeks until they have a few hours to read one of my shorts.

It’s why I have 15 million critique partners.

And I know it’s all in my head. I know that they like what I write… it still drives me nuts. I’m bad at waiting, and I hate doing ‘nothing.’ This is why I have my flash series, and am working on my novels. So I don’t feel like I’m being idle while my friends are getting caught up on my edits.

Sometimes, I think I should find more partners, but damn, I have so many already. Seriously, soooo many….

Who should I read today….. damn, that’s a lot of chapters to read….

So today, I’m going to concentrate on my friends, and try not to stare at my inbox waiting for someone’s notes…

And if I’m lucky, I won’t be half crazy by the end of the day.

2 thoughts on “Editing time

  1. Ha! You have us there. Maybe when the move calms down and we stop dating the flu bugs, we can all figure out how to be more organized among ourselves! That sounds good me. 😀 I like this nudge!


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