Getting back on track

So I didn’t get any critiquing done yesterday. My artist, Ashley, got online in the morning and we roughed out some more comics and fixed some tiny details on Rick.

He needed gray eyes instead of blue… this was very, very important.

I spent my afternoon cleaning, and sat down before dinner to critique… and there she was again. I can’t say that I minded. I was, in fact, thrilled. I love seeing my characters in the flesh (so to speak).

But today, I got some work done for friends. Read over and commented on a few chapters for one of my hardcore grammar geeks. I’m almost caught up on her stuff (great sci-fi! so much fun to read). Just two more chapters and then I’m switching over a romance novel for another friend. She’s like me and does storyline and character assessment.

With any luck, tomorrow, I’ll be back to looking at my fellow Pocket Watchers. It does feel good to be reading through. And critiquing can be fun for a writer. It’s so much easier to see where other people need to clarify…

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