Time out

Woke up to a request for a betaread, and two critiques. But the the critiques weren’t for Last Call.

Oo look! A cover!

Instead they were for my novel, The Red Witch. I seesawed between disappointed and elated, before squarely falling on elated. Okay, so people haven’t gotten to Last Call, yet. Boo-freaking hoo.

I have so damn many projects going at once.  I really need to back off, and get my head out of my butt. Ashley and I are doing several sessions a week for the comic, and I really need to take a few weeks to promote Monsters of Pittsburgh.

I, once again, have gotten ahead of myself. So revised plan for the month. 50 hours of editing, across all my projects, while also updating my backlog (new author photo and some links need updating), and pitching Monsters of Pittsburgh.

It’s been awhile since I submitted to the various book clubs I belong to on social media, but they are out there, and it’s time to start hawking my work again.

So today, already got my critting hours in, so I need to get my beta read on, crit at least two chapters for friends, and post somewhere about Monsters of Pittsburgh.

Let’s get this party started!

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