It’s a strange thing, inspiration. And something most writers both love and hate to talk about.

It’s fine when you have a great story. Or a funny one.

It’s harder to explain the more odd occurrences. Like how laying on my stomach, listening to Naruto, somehow led to me finally coming up with a good backstory for one of my characters.

Seriously, it’s not like the backstory that popped into my head is anything like the episode I was watching in anyway. Or that Jackson Hawk is anything like Naruto. But there you have it!

Or how a bird taking off somehow reminded me of Mina as a child, and brought me to tears, leading to the ending of Last Call: Finale.

Seriously, inspiration often makes no sense at all.

Other writers talk about their muse… if I have one, that bitch has more ADD tendencies than I do!

But back to work. I need to finish this Chelsea Childling story (which you can read for free, IF you subscribe to my newsletter), crit some stuff for my friends, and clean out my pantry.

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