Wait… it’s what time?

Another day of critting, editing, cleaning, and being a stay at home mom.

But I’ve got few minutes between folding seven loads of laundry and starting dinner to realize that holy crap, I really need to sit down and work on one of my characters.

My novels always play with structure. The first one had overlapping chapters with alternating POV. We’d have a Marley chapter, and then Edie’s chapter, and they both covered some of the same ground.

The fourth (or fifth) one, has three different timelines running simultaneously.

But the second (which I’m working on right now), has the “present” running side by side with the backstory of the antagonist. And really it’s the antagonists story that I’m rewriting this draft. As I post chapters, I’m getting closer and closer to the point where I’ve stopped writing. I might have to sit down tomorrow morning, and bang out that chapter and maybe the next one in that storyline.

However, that absolutely will have to wait until after I get these meatballs going.

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