Writing ADD

Me and my projects. I have lots of them, but they’re all in the same universe. So even when I’m hanging out with Chelsea and Jackson, I’m still helping Marley and Edie. I switch between projects as need be, drafting, editing, and polishing in cycles.

However, yesterday, I made a breakthrough on the sequel to Hedge Doctor.

Yes, I *am* writing the sequel to a novella that hasn’t been published yet.

I set it aside about a month ago. I love the story and the characters, but really had no idea what to do.

But there I was last night, talking in Nicole’s voice and really getting a feel for where she was headed. Sat down, opened my laptop, and bam, podcast practice. (I swear, more on that another day).

By the time we were done, my husband wanted my time and attention. So I hung out with him. Sat down this morning to bang out words, and I was torn between Audra and Nicole. So instead, I got some critiquing done.

At least someone benefits from my indecision.

Hopefully, tonight I can focus on one project, and get some words out.

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