Increase surprise

While my betas and crit partners are tearing through Last Call, I’m working on the Red Witch.

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And the webcomic! It’s going to be a crazy, awesome June, ya’ll!

So there I am last night, trying to get some work done. I’m dithering, playing more than typing.

And suddenly, BOOM

I have story. I’m cutting and pasting from old chapters. I’m filling in blanks. Before I knew exactly what had I happened, I had 12,000 words, 4.5 new chapters,and it was one in the morning.

I was expecting maybe 1000 new words tops. Something small, but significant. This was a mass of text, though.

Which feels amazing, don’t get me wrong. But I’m a little tired today. I have brain mush.

As for writing today… I don’t know. I’m actually going over what I did yesterday, adjusting characterization and whatnot. These spurts are amazing, but usually riddled with missing words and odd sentences. Especially since I’m pasting together chapters to get a tighter story. All kinds of weirdness happens then.

Overall though, it feels good to have gotten so much done on this book.

Someday, I may even let people read it!

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