The pieces fit

I’m big into mood music when I write. I have several lists. Some are cast specific (The Pack from my novels has their own playlist), some are story specific.

The song from above is from the Red Witch playlist.

And I was super glad I heard this morning, because I got one of my sporadic fits where all the pieces fall into place.

When it comes to the writing schism, I’m a pantser. But I’m a special kind of pantser. I studied stories and how they work for years before I started writing.

Seriously, follow this model. It’s the equivalent of literary crack.

So, when I sit down to write a story, I know what pieces have to be there. I generally just let myself write, knowing that 99% of time, I’ll get the basic story out without the need to plan it out.

And usually, about half way through the story, I’ll have an epiphany about some random scene that I wrote.

I may not have known why I needed it when I wrote it, but I did. And when the pieces fit, it’s an amazing feeling.

Last night, was not one of those times.

Last night, I got a critique that made me realized that one of my early chapters had a mystery and I hadn’t worked a resolution to it into the story. I read and reread the chapter trying to figure out how I could fit it in.

And this morning… as I continued to stare at words that were rapidly losing coherence for me…BOOM

So, I have some writing to do, but I know the pieces fit.

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