Back on the ball

My deadline for Hedge Doctor: Prom is coming up.


It’s done. It’s been grammar checked by a friend who is way, way better than myself. Really, all I have to do is finish reading it out loud to the husband, the final step in eliminating awkward phrasing.

But I could have done that any time in the last two weeks. I just haven’t.

So, basically, I have to get back on the ball.

Self-publishing is work. Doing it at the last minute is super, super stressful. And I know this.

And I still haven’t finished making my banners for my various social media. I made one, but… *sigh* It just didn’t work.

So, this week I’m dedicating to getting back on the ball. Yes, it’s unseasonably hot and muggy. Yes, I have to finish putting together two bedrooms. But, I did it to myself.

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