Hedge Doctor: Prom

We are live, people!


Jeff Hanson is not quite the average high school senior. He’s a hedge doctor, a witch called to heal people using herbs. His green touch not only grows plants, but enhances their magical and mystical properties. Jeff spends more time patching up monster hunters than he does in classes.
But when a poltergeist forms in the school basement, Jeff goes from the clinic to the front lines. He and his cousin, Courtney, are tapped to help contain the evil energy before it consumes the school.
The one problem, they have four days to complete the ritual, and the fourth day is Prom.


And I don’t normally do this, but this story is dedicated to my friend Megan, who let me use her as a basis for one of my characters. I don’t normally base characters on people I know, but in this case, the story needed Megan’s touch. And I just want to thank her again, because anybody from our circle of friends in high school is going to instantly recognize her, and we’re all snarky bastards who won’t let it die.

Love you, Megan, and thanks again.

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