Not much writing going on, but lots of reading.

For some reason, I’ve been perusing Uncommon Animals and Monsters of Pittsburgh. Sure, I need to keep my characterization on point, and make certain that I’ve completed arcs, but it’s been an almost magnetic thing. I just can’t stop reading them, and I don’t know why.

i dunno

And it’s not always a good thing. I had to stop myself from rewriting a few times. The stories are published, finished. Multiple beta-readers didn’t have a problem with that transition, and neither did I a year ago.

So what’s with the nostalgia now?

Because I genuinely feel that that’s what I’m doing. Revisiting old ideas and stories. But what I don’t understand is Why?

It reminds of when I really, really feel like writing a scene that I didn’t plan on and don’t understand why I want it. But I know it needs to be there. There’s something in these stories that I need. But I don’t know what it is, yet.

I will, eventually. Because I’m pretty well attuned to my methods.


Until then, I’m going to give into the nostalgia.

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