Writer’s Block

No, I’m not suffering from it, at the moment. Just thinking about it… instead of writing.

I think it’s a real thing. I know authors who don’t. They really think that if you just sit and force yourself to write, any thing, you’ll get over it.

And I smile and nod when they say this, because I actually do generate unique content five days a week via this blog.  And there has been many a day when I whip out a blog post, but still can’t find the words to finish my chapter.

There are some authors that think writer’s block is all about beating up on yourself and writing.

Nope, I may have my doubts about selling, but not about writing. Writing is easy, except when it isn’t.

And there are days when I just can’t find the words to finish the damn story.

My solution. Get out and forget about writing. I know it sounds counterproductive, but it works.

Because writers never really stop thinking about writing.

It’s the truth. So when you’re out gardening or walking, or killing murlocs…

What you’re really doing is letting your brain work through the problem without all the stress of you wanting it done RIGHT NOW!!!

Which means, you actually get over the block faster, simply by letting it go.

So, that’s my advice for the dreaded writer’s block.

Now I’m going to try and finish that damn chapter.

One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. Haha, I love that flowchart. It seems counterintuitive, but I agree that taking a little break from writing if you’re struggling with a particular aspect can definitely be helpful. Before you know it, your unconscious will help you find a solution! Because, like you said, writers never really stop thinking about writing, as this quote illustrates: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/503910645783058507/


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