Found it!

Well, I stopped the compulsive reread. I didn’t find what I wanted in the text, but I did find it.

It was a bunch of sexist writers that illuminated the problem. See, we got to talking about the Bechdel Test.

And has the discussion waxed and waned, someone’s contribution came down to, “Stop whining about how unfair the world is. That’s the way things are.”

bitch alert
Is this passive-aggressive? Who cares, stop whining about it!

But it clarified what I was looking for. Mina, Matty, and Rick ran from a specific situation, and whether or not that situation can be changed hasn’t been dealt with. Their feelings about working to change it or not, have not been addressed.

So, today that’s what I’m looking for in Last Call. When and where I can bring up those issues. They are important for the resolution of the series.

See, inspiration can be found anywhere.


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