Getting ready

Did the final proofread for Hedge Doctor: Finals this morning.


I’m still in love with these stories. They were part of what got me back into writing my novels. By the end of writing The Haven, I was sick of dealing with teenagers in fiction.These stories brought back my enthusiasm for characters of the age.

There are some differences. The Hedge Doctor stories are very much YA fiction. My novels aren’t. Not that it matters much. Teenagers are teenagers, and it always shocks me when adults romanticize them. I try to put it down to them forgetting their adolescence. I remember mine, though. It pretty much sucked. Best time of your life, my ass.

I don't know what we're yelling about

Which is also not to say that it’s all misery. I think Jennelle said it best in Hunting:  “Nobody was interesting as a teenager. People just romanticize it because they were old enough to have fun and young enough not to pay bills.”

I try to stay true to teenagers as I remember them and myself. Desperately trying to figure out who they are and what the hell was going on, all while stuck in limbo between adult and child.

But my ramblings aside, Finals is ready for sale and I’m ready to have people readit.

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