Final polish


The writing ADHD is here. Where every word choice is analyzed. Where I search for go to words, and erase them to go toward poetry.

I hate this part of editing.


I know, I know. This is where the writing gets ‘good.’ But this is also where the sheer fussiness of writing can and will drive a person insane.

When I reach the point of analyzing each sentence for maximum output, I’m also at the point where I’m hopping between what is now twenty-one official stories, a trilogy spin-off, the flash series spin-off, and half a dozen canonical blog hops and random shorts to double check facts, make sure I’m not repeating descriptions.

It’s just convoluted and stressful as it sounds.

lots of booze


This is where I am sending nearly identical snippets to people, and asking: Which sounds better? All the while thinking that both versions suck.



I’m also launching the web comic, publishing Hedge Doctor, and summer vacation starts Friday, so all three kids are home.

no such 1

no such 2


Regardless, this needs to be done. Last Call: Denouement is set for an October release, and I still need to finish the sequel to Hedge Doctor.


So here I go. Time to strap on the goggle and land this thing.







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