Actual writing has been done!

With my husband gone for a few days, I was hoping to get some writing done… and I did. Though not as much as I wanted. Still, actual words have been typed. It’s a minor miracle.

Hopefully, I can finish the sequel to Hedge Doctor in the next few weeks. Nicole has been giving me fits, but she does that. Stubborn and taciturn, she’s never been easy to write. But I’m finally getting somewhere with her.

In more exciting news, the final story in the Hedge Doctor Trilogy comes out tomorrow.


The third and final Hedge Doctor story. Jeff Hanson dropped out high school on the eve of his graduation to save his girlfriend.
Most would consider this a ridiculously bad idea. But Jeff is a hedge doctor, a witch able to enhance the magical and medicinal abilities in plants.
For the first time in his life, Jeff is totally at peace with himself. No more worrying about classes or tests, he spends his days sleeping and his night putting monster hunters back together.
But there are still a few loose ends to tie up. First, is Nicole. They parted under bad circumstances, Jeff having accidentally killed her foster mother.
Secondly, there’s still a poltergeist growing in the school’s basement, and graduation is only a couple of days away…

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