Monday, Monday

No, I am not dating myself. But I might be dating my mother…

Anyway, my oldest two children start day camp today. And none of us are happy about being out of bed before nine. Which means that this is probably a good thing. We’re, in a very small way, getting ready for school.

Hopefully,  this also means more writing for me. I’ve always done better when I have a schedule.

I have been getting some writing done, finally found Nicole’s voice. Which is always nice. I’m messing around with this sequel more than normal for the drafting stage. Usually I just puke up words, and fix stuff later. This time around, I’m fixing plot as I go, which means the writing itself is much slower.

Some stories are just harder to write than others, you know?

But, there is some good news. Since Hedge Doctor finished up, I get my two month break before the next series. Next month is the Omnibus Edition, and then I take a month off. Which is really nice, because I won’t be scrambling to publish while the kids are starting school.

Well, other than the webcomic, of course.

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