The same 500

So my friends asked me to pen a story for their anthology (Though I should probably say our anthology at this point.).

As always, I started with a character. Sometimes I have a story I want to try and tell (my Mr. Seahorse and poop monster stories are proof of that), but usually I start with a character.

So, I have my character. And character dictates plot… which I have (romance writer who has never fallen in love). Okay, I’m ready!

And I banged out 500 words. Felt great too. I went to pick the story up yesterday…. and saw some places I could tweak it.

So I reworked those 500 words. Deleted most, to be honest, and rewrote from scratch.

And then last night, I saw how a few glaring plot holes, and rework those same 500 words again.

Today, I’m staring at 500 words, and debating another rewrite…


It’s going to be one of those stories…

writing is hard

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