Oh dear…

I spent all day yesterday reminding myself to write my blog.

As I uploaded the non-wonky version of the web comic… it’s Monday, that’s an easy, ‘check out the web comic‘ post!

UA Cover
No, seriously… check out the web comic!

As I banged out a few thousand words on that short I planned on finishing for Friday. You’re getting actual words written! So great to have a post topic!

One Ashley and I finished our session, I had an hour before the kids got home from day camp. Perfect timing!

I assume this is what Ashley sees during our calls, only with casual clothing and her cat.

While the rice was steaming, but before the chicken needed to be cooked, a good solid thirty minutes to sum up all the work I got done!

This wasn’t mine. My food is not nearly this photogenic.

As I lay in bed watching Face Off until 5 am….

So, yeah, no idea what happened yesterday, but I didn’t get that blog post written.

But now, I have a story to finish, and Ashley will be up soon. Later folks!

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