Seven Days

I’m getting revved up for next week’s publication, Hedge Doctor: Omnibus Edition.


This particular story started as a whim. I was curious about Jeff, the adolescent healer who lived in Pittsburgh. I wondered how he handled school and healing monster hunters. What kind of home life did he have? I knew Rita was his grandmother, but where were his parents?

So I started writing, as I do.  And this minor character, this plot point with a personality took on a life. I’m really proud of him. Jeff isn’t your typical main character. He’s not a fighter, he’s not aggressive, he’s not self-assured.  He’s just an eighteen year old with a skill.

And more than that, Jeff, Courtney, Nicole, and Dave gave me an excuse to remember my own time in high school. And that’s always worth the time.

high school
Don’t look at me like that. 1997 was a different and magical time.

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