Too many endings

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So I made through my cycle of editing last week, and I’ve got a new concern: The end.

While I’m not a fan of tying everything up neatly with a ribbon,

I couldn’t find the video for the mega happy ending

it feels too long to me. Like Return of the King too long.

I know that this ending is not only the ending for that story, that series, and the trilogy proper, it still feels to long. And an ending that it too long doesn’t have the proper emotional impact. It doesn’t give the reader proper emotional release, and allow them to let go of the characters.

After my editing jag, I reread A Memory of Light. This the final book in a 14 part, door stopper series. We’re talking a cast of thousands, and 20 plus years of writing. Yet, the ending doesn’t drag. It gives all the release an ardent fan needs, without feeling like it should have ended 50 pages earlier. Quite a feat for a book that’s 1168 pages long.

And, while I’m not writing door stoppers, as I read my ending, I had that feeling. Like everything should have been wrapped up before I got there.

And that’s really, really bad for 22,000 word story, regardless of where it falls in a series. I should be able to finish things better.

I’m going to try cutting some dialogue, and condensing one or two scenes, but I’m really debating scraping the whole ending after the big fight scene and trying again.

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