Considering and Reconsidering

The best, and worst, part of being your own boss, is that all the decisions are on your shoulders.

For the last two years,  I have consistently released one story a month in a series, followed by the Omnibus of the series, and then taken a month off before starting the next series.

It’s been rough some months, but I did it.

fuking awesome

And now, I’m in a down month. I have no scheduled release for October. However…

Last Call: Denouement is almost ready to go. Really, I need to read it out loud (or listen to it),

And maybe have a friend proofread.

Hi, Ash!

But that’s it. And the process doesn’t take forever. I could be ready for my first Monday of the month schedule. If I want to be.

But do I want to be?


On the one hand, I like being busy.

On the other… I have a trip to Hershey planned this weekend, Halloween costumes to make, the kids are home because their teachers are on strike, two newsletters to get out, not to mention the weekly comics and daily blogs, and I’d really have to push to get the next story (Cease) ready for November. And then push harder to have Consummate ready for December.


Not that I couldn’t get it done… I totally could.


But I could also use this month to get all three stories polished, and formatted with a lot less stress.

Throwing this out here, because I have student loans that need to be paid.

It seems like a no brainer, huh? But you don’t start self-publishing because you want to take things easy.

You do it because, deep down, you want to drive yourself completely insane.

I think I’ll have to stick to my schedule. I might want to get on the Last Call train, but I also don’t want to make the process any more complicated and heartbreaking than it already is.

Or do I?


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