A letter to my father

Dear Dad,

I tried so hard to find the right words. After all, that’s what I do these days.

But nothing has been coming to mind.


It’s a strange anniversary. Then again, it’s an arbitrary date. 365 days. The earth has made one rotation around the sun without you.


And I have nothing to say.


Then again, what can I say? I miss you? That sentiment hardly needs to be typed. Of course, I miss you.


I missed you when you were only a forty-five minute drive away from my college, and I saw you every few weeks.


I missed you when you a three hour drive from Pittsburgh.


I missed you when you a five hour drive from Scranton.


And now? Yes, I miss you.


And I’ll still miss you tomorrow.


But today… I have no words for today. Just memories.


And today, more than any day, that doesn’t feel like enough.

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