Something is making my headache.

Today’s headache is brought to me by allergens. Something near my house is making my nose run, like constantly. I’m living in the land of kleenexes and sneezes.

I did get some writing done today, nevertheless. Most of it was actually cutting. The new opening chapter I wrote this week means that I can take out some of the infodrops in the first two chapters.

This is something that they needed. People familiar with the story found it a nice review. People unfamiliar with the story got head spins trying to take it all in.

But when you cut so much out of chapter, you have fix some things. Certain transitions don’t work, some actions don’t make sense anymore.

Still, two more chapter have been streamlined. I have one more day to work on Red Witch this month, and then its back on the Publishing Train, getting Cease prettied up.


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