Took me a little bit to get going today.

Coffee was my friend today. I had some trouble sleeping. Again.

just stop

But once I got my butt in gear, I got some words on paper… well Scrivener, which basically the same thing these days.

Almost as important, I mapped out the end of the current story line for my flash series.


I knew where I was going, and I have the next cycle thought out, but it’s one thing to plan a vague outline and another to actually have to write it all out.

Is it written out? Not exactly, but the next five or six steps are no longer ‘Chelsea fights monster X’. I know how the fight has to go.

Next month’s story is also about half written, instead of just an opening paragraph which is nice.


But now, I have a few more minutes of writing before I have to get dinner going. The life of a working mom.


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