I should be writing

It’s been my refrain for the last few weeks as I prep for my new job.


Admittedly, there’s less pressure these days. After Last Call, I am taking a bit of a publishing hiatus (minus my flash story for my newsletter). I’m a little burnt out on the publishing once a month gig. So my projects are my novels, which have no publishing date in mind. I’ll be years writing them, and that’s okay.

The problem is that I haven’t been writing them.


Or not as much as I want to anyway. I’m pretty much nocturnal these day (and it feels so good!). But I’m not spending my non-working nights writing, like I had planned.


And I’m becoming okay with that too. For one thing, the novels are very complicated interwoven plots. I often have to think my way through my mythos to make sure I’m following my own rules.

It’s also the holidays.

Can you believe that I couldn’t find one of these memes with Santa?

So, I’m writing… a little, between now and New Year’s. But I’m also letting myself take a break.

And that’s okay too.

Eh, not really

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