Sassy Satuday Blog Hop

You can find the rest of the folks hopping over here.

As for my hop. I’m gonna finish the scene I started last week.


As the woman-thing reached for her, Mina jammed her taser into the oncoming arm. The metal and plastic crunched and a jolt of electricity shot through Mina as pieces of the weapon fell to the ground.
A cold, hard arm wrapped around her throat, lifting her off the floor. She went as limp as she could with her muscles still twitching from the broken taser. Fighting would get her pummeled, if not killed.
Once she stopped moving, the golem dropped her. She winced as she hit the floor. Then she was picked up and slung onto a hard shoulder. She stayed limp, moving only enough to cushion her head on her arms.
The golem kept going down and down, the mold smell growing worse as they got into the basement. There the voice of the fleshy apparition from before echoed. “Ah, here comes my golem. Your lady friend must have woken up. Perhaps she will talk to me.”
The Trojan laughed. “Don’t count on it.” The words were thick and oddly pronounced. She could only assume he’d taken a pummeling while she was knocked out.
The golem dropped her on the floor again. Mina sat up. She didn’t see the point in pretending to be unconscious. Not when it likely meant getting beaten.
I had enough of that with the Tribes.
Above her, the Trojan floated, his face a mess of red blood and purple bruises. He still managed a cocky grin despite his swollen lips.
The apparition stood before her in the flesh now. A thick, slick man, with sallow skin and squinty eyes, he prowled around the Trojan. “She’s not human, either.”
Mina shrugged and tried to force down her growing anger. She had to keep a clear head. “I’m just as human as you.”
The fleshy man giggled. “I ceased to be human many years ago.”
She pursed her lips. “Something tells me you’ll still die like one, witch.”
He tossed her a condescending glare. “My dear woman, death and I are old enemies. I’ve bested him more than once. I am no mere witch. I am a magician.”
She rolled her eyes. “What do you want with me?”
“He will not talk, no matter how hard I hit him. And I believe that you would not, either.” The magician smirked. “Not that your silence will matter.” He flicked a finger and her arm split open.
She hissed in pain, tossing the Trojan a glare. He snapped his mouth shut.
That dumb ass almost talked.
She healed fast, and he knew it. There was no reason to play nice with this bastard.
The magician squinted at her before lifting another finger. “This time, I open your throat.”
She glared, and he twitched his finger. A pain started at her throat and a drop of blood rolled down her neck.
“Stop!” The Trojan sighed. “What do you want to know?”
The fat man laughed. “Just as I thought.”
Rage surged through her. She’d be damned if the Trojan got exiled because of her.
She focused on that sense of change, the moment when she stopped being human and became the wolf. Every bone in her body shattered, and pain filled her world as she slumped to the floor.
“A werewolf? Is the old man teaming up with the Tribes? Hold him.”
Mina was glad she still writhed in the agony of a change or she might have whimpered as she floated off the floor.
The fat man giggled. “Do you know what happens to a werewolf who heals wrong during a change?”
Fear became terror as her still-healing body contorted mid-air, pulled into a pretzel by invisible bonds.


You can find out what happens to Mina on Amazon.



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