Well, this is weird

New year, new… Yeah, no, same old me. I just took some well needed and earned time off for the holidays.


I’ve been doing a daily writing blog for five years. I figured a few weeks off was probably a good thing. Cleared my head.

Of course, now I’m professionally behind on everything. No comic and Consummate will be out next week instead of today, and I still need to write a bunch of stories for other people.

doctor who gif

Still, I needed the time. I was feeling pretty burnt out on life. But today, I start getting back on track.

I plan on finishing one short today, and hopefully posting it on a critique site. Feeling very optimistic about that, since the story just needs an ending.

Tomorrow, I start the other short (a potential script for another web comic, mind you).

Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be working back on track!


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