So much going on today!

First off, Uncommon Animals, the web comic, back up!

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And the first comic of the year in a doozy.

Secondly, I want to give a shout out to my editor, Ash Litton. For those paying attention, yes, this the same Ash who got a mention at the beginning of Cease. In addition to making my stuff look good, Ash is also a talented writer. Her stuff blends the mundane and the fantastical, with just the right touch of Appalachia. Her story, Evening Hallow, is available now. The sequel, Comeuppance, comes out this Feburary.

She also draws her own covers!

Now, we have also a new Last Call story out, Consummate.

There’s no such thing as typical day for monster hunters. Still Mina and the Trojan are more than a little surprised when beings known as the luktam ask for their help. Especially when that help involves volunteering to give birth to the next generation of luktam.
It’s harrowing time for the mystically pregnant to say the least, even without the promised battle waiting for them at the end of it. With the situation adding more and more stress, can Mina and the Trojan’s fledging relationship take the strain

Available now, on Amazon.

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