Bits and pieces

That’s what writing novels feels like to me these days. I do remember this feeling. Without a deadline to push me, I tend towards a paragraph and a chapter there. It’s almost lazy writing… although not lazy writing.


It also means lots of rereading. So I sit down, read the last few paragraphs, get the shape of the story in my head, and get a few more things on paper.

But once I get distracted, I’m distracted. I wonder off, do dishes, haul garbage out of the attic, pick up the living room. Then I sit down and write a few more sentences.

No wonder it took me three years to write The Haven.

doctor who gif

But Culmination goes up Monday. And this one… it’s one of my… I can’t say favorites, but I loved some of the character interactions. Several different people get pushed to their limits, and one goes beyond them. Which as a writer is always fun and challenging.

As a fellow reader… well…


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