Did I just screw this up?

Waiting for my edits this morning…

In the mean time, check out my editor’s newest story.

I’m using my time wisely: working on the Red Witch. While this is a new draft, I am using a lot of old material, changing up pacing and updating it for a few plot twists.

The problem right now, is that this older draft feels like it has more life. There’s so much more action and drama. Edie & co. had to work harder for answers and had more to do. Which was intentional.


The first book has them in holding pattern, on purpose, but still… I wanted to branch out and do more.

And there’s still some of that in this draft, but not nearly as much. Due to a more in depth understanding of my world, I don’t need as much adventure to get answers.


The thing that I have to remember is that novel writing is a marathon. I have to get this draft done, so I can see the flaws in their entirety. There’s story here. Certain characters needed more depth in the last draft, and that depth is slowing down this draft.


So next draft, I’l have to find a way to keep all the depth, but some of the action and  purpose back into the story.



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