Just staring

For two days, I have opened Scrivener and done nothing. I’m very aware of what I need to do. I have to add in a a few fights scenes, which can be heavily adapted from the ones that I cut (and still have saved in older drafts.)

The problem is that this is a lot of work.

i'm done with you

This is why I usually insist on finishing a draft when I’m so close to the end (6 chapters! Tops!)

However this time, those changes will directly affect the final six chapters. It’s hard for me to finish something I know that I will significantly rewrite almost as SOON as I finish it.


So I’m stuck in this do nothing loop of wanting to do nothing.

lots of booze

So tomorrow, I shall open Scrivener and finish the damn chapter, then critique at least one chapter of my friend’s book.

But tonight, Sims…


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