The Arrow/Naruto Connection

The following contain spoilers for both Naruto AND Arrow, as well as links to I’ll try to beat the preview.
Hopefully this sentence pushes us over the edge.


The weather has turned subzero and I’m in hibernation mode.

Watching Arrow with the husband, and he’s getting buddy-buddy with Malcolm Merlyn (Oliver Queen, not my husband).

“Babe.” I plop my feet on his legs. “Why is Oliver trusting the Token Evil Teammate? The only reason why Thea is in this mess is because Malcolm made her kill Sara. I know Oliver is supposed to have turned a corner and learned trust, but this is stupid.”

He tucks the blanket over the thick wool socks, locking in the warm air. “Didn’t Naruto teach you anything? Trust the Token Evil Teammate. Love them and accept them.”


I roll my eyes. “Yeah because Oliver Queen and Naruto have so much in common beyond the blond, spiky hair.”

We freeze in unison, the same thought buzzing through our brains. Words, fragment of sentences stumbled out, overlapping.

“A hidden darkness–”

“–that he overcomes. And it comes from–”

“His dad! Yeah, his mom had all kinds of secrets–”

“–and she’s kind of crazy awesome scary. And–”

“Oh! And he has a hidden mission.”


“Yeah! He’s the guardian of the–”

“Oh Yeah! And he doesn’t know. Hidden. Nice one.”

“Thanks. And, and…”

“He’s got violent, sort of girlfriend, who’s antagonistic for absolutely no reason.”

I raise my eyes to the heavens. “I can’t decide which one swings more annoyingly between absolute trust and plot-handy skepticism.”

“But he realizes that he loves the sweet girl.”

“Both of which are your favorite character.”

“Mentors with brutally direct training methods.”

“He inspires others around him.”

“He tries to help everybody.”

“Takes on way too much guilt and overcompensates for it.”

“Has a reputation as a brat that he has to shake.”

We both pause, and I shake my head. “Nah, it’s not like Oliver Queen lives in a world of ruthless, magic super-ninjas.”

As one we look at the TV and Ras al-Ghul (not in a trenchcoat, dammit.).

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My husband leans back. “Did we just prove that Oliver Queen and Naruto…”

(This what it is known as I’ve spent two days working on a blurb. Writing blurbs is an art unto itself. It is not an art at which I excel or enjoy. This was far more fun to read about. Trust me.)


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