Not so daily writing blog

A long time ago, when I was a wee novice of a writer, I knew that I needed to train myself. I needed to write daily, even if it was only writing about why I wasn’t writing.

writing is hard

Because I also know that posting updates to your friends and family can be motivating, I started in on tumblr. Just something I did every day, with out fail, a few sentences, or something longer if I was working on something hard.

And then I started self-publishing, and ever author worth their salt needs a blog. So I moved my musings to wordpress, like an adult!


But now I am in the habit of writing daily. I can’t image that I’ll ever really stop writing. And because I’m using this an author platform, and not an online journal, I actually spend time worrying about what I’m writing here, instead of jotting down a little something and moving. In fact, some days, I spend more time writing this blog than I do working on my book.


So, I took took last week off, just didn’t bother. And it was liberating. But more than that, I realized that no matter what, for the rest of my life, I will write. The training exercise is complete. I have accomplished that goal.

Yet, every self-published author worth their salt needs a blog.


This, dedicated reader, means a change of format.  I’m cutting down my publishing to twice a week. Monday’s will be for the comic, publishing, and/or talking shop. Fridays, I shall review books. My writer friends, please, don’t ask. I will not review your books, because I cannot be critical.

Your stuff gets plugged on Mondays! Contact me, we’ll cross promote.

Anyway, I’m still alive. I’m just growing as a writer. This is a good thing. I promise.


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